☆ What is thoughtlessness and what effect does it have on you?

Thoughtlessness is a state we may find all of a sudden during our nightly spiritual practice. I usually practice late at night as is the way of Kundalini (the divine path).

All of sudden we may experience something we can’t describe but when the mind returns we are left with a shock to our spirit. Its like seeing the face of God and not being able to talk about it. We go quiet for a few days and it feels like a religious experience. Its like we had a ray of divine light.

Thoughtlessness is when during our practice our thoughts dwindle into nothing , completely and there is no thoughts or thought forms at all. We are fully aware in a spiritual way. It is a concept in Hindu, yoga and Buddhist philosophy.

Thougthlessneas is associated with nirvikalpa and nirvikapla samadi, the eighth limb of classic Yoga.

Thoughtlessness may well be Zen mind as the Zen sages say , when the mind stops that is it.

All meditation skills are very useful to examine our minds and understand what is going on. Such states will not do you any harm. Thought I always point out the mind is always emptying of thoughts past the boundary of dreaming (called Horos). We are actively trying to examine and familiarise ourselves with what is happening with us.

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