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Q. Hi, I saw a movie once were someone could transfer their consciousness into an inanimate object. Can you tell me how this could be done?

A. To transfer your awareness into an inanimate object, there is a way. First its not your consciousness that is being transfered but your awareness. There are many things possible when you enter a state that is not limited to 3 dimensions. You will need a strong meditation practice, breathing meditation and daily pranayama practice. When you meditate , you will need to focus on the object and then let yourself go into a sleepy dreaming state, this will release the limits of our world and you will be able to transfer into that object but only for a few seconds. This is a dangerous practice to do and I don’t recommend it but I wanted to answer that question. A better approach would be to practice tibetan powa practice , transferring at the time of death to the Buddha worlds.



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