The story behind Gnostic quantum meditation and why it works.

The meditation i am teaching is based on Rama Krishna’s Gnosis.

Rama Krishna has attained siddhi’s and samadhi but he still couldn’t get to the core, the unity of opposites.
He could not break free from duality.

He encountered a saint called Topari and begged him to reveal Gnosis to him. Topari said the next time you go into Samadi when you see the deity take out a sword and chop it in half. Rama Krishna said how i don’t have a sword. Topari said take the sword from where the deity is.
Rama Krishna sat in the lotus position and when his deity appeared( with tears in his eyes) he imagined the sword and chopped Kali in half. Immediately he entered into Gnosis for 6 days without moving. After he came to he said “i have resolved the conflict”.

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