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Fanaa (Arabic: فناء‎ fanāʾ ) in Sufism is the “passing away” or “annihilation” (of the self). Fana means “to die before one dies”, a concept highlighted by famous notable Muslim saints such as Rumi and later by Sultan Bahoo. Fana represents a breaking down of the individual ego and a recognition of the fundamental unity of God, creation, and the individual self.

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Fanaa is not the end of the ego but the temporal nature of the ego. The ego is the temporal universe which is always moving.

When the Soma-Pneuma-eikon (astral form) (dreaming) enters the soma psyche eikon (soul body) the many (‘I’s) become one I and then dissolve into the psyche eikon (soul body) (dreamless sleep).

In the god nature (soul body) there is no trace of I or any identity.

The I identity is dropped naturally without being forced in any way.

There is no need to get rid of the ego in any way as we naturally drop the I identity.

In essence this is what is Nous (discernment) to become aware of the movement of the states of awareness.

No body bothers to check what happens to our awareness, hence the unknowing.

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