We are revealing the hidden path of the gnostic oneness. It is called the soul path. The soul path has 3 parts.
The first part is to listen to the guidance of the spiritual friend (guide or instructor), revealing the reality of the Monad. The spirtual friend is only needed to hear the guidance and is not required when the person applies the meditations or after. The second is to reason and explore all aspects of the view, meditation, self enquiry. The third is to apply without argumentation.
The oneness is beyond subject and object, utilmately beyond physical exercise and dualistic theories.
This is why the gnostics and jesus used opposites in their teachings to commuicate the truth of oneness.
Kundalini is not required, being the mechanics of the cosmic mind. Astral travel is not required as the dreaming is only temporal. Though Kundalini and astral travel are usefull to grasp the conviction of the nature of oneness.
This path is a third level method, the apex of mysticism. The other paths of physical exercise (yoga) or love (divine) only lead up to the third and are of little use in the third level as they are meant for dualistic engagement.
To be direct, the soul path is also called god’s path.
To know what is eternal and what is not is called gnosis (enlightenment or Brahman Jhana in India). To apply it is called the formless path or (atma path) in India. This is the soul path.

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