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Serpent engine of the demiurge

Kundalini – serpent engine of the demiurge

I reveal two paths , dualistic and non dualistic.

Kundalini is the ancient power within , connecting the individual with the universal mind, demiurge. Kundalini shakti (shakti means to be able) is a strange serpent power that heals and repairs the individual astral body and attempts to complete it with jumps to the crown chakra, usually in morning time as it uses the dreaming as an awareness stream. Kundalini takes people to past memories of long ago (time travel) as it is the engine of spacetime fabric and form. Behind your every day dreaming lies a world , cosmos of many beings. The more awake you are then you have glimpsed what I speak of. All the beings dissolve into two, the primary beings Ishvara and the shakti (in hindu tantra). The Gnostics and other cultures have given them different names but who they are remain the same.

Gnostic instructor David C

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