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Secrets of Kundalini

Introduction to the secrets of Kundalini, the power of the goddess.

The beginnings of Kundalini activation is the appearing of the shaktis, muses or Angel’s.
These powerfull beings are the servants of the supreme goddess. They have Turkish, Egyptian or Indian look to them. They usually make fun or laugh at the bewildered visionary. In tantric teachings, they are powers or aspects of powers. If you see them in your dreams, you are making good progress. In Tibetan Buddhism they are called Dakinis or sky goers.
They can show you your faults or mistakes and correct you. They enhance your lucid dreaming and move you forward. They know your weakness. Everyone has a boss , the shaktis have a supreme shakti. The powerfull beings do not belong to one religion but are the origin of the religious stories. When we leave this world, we will be guided by the goddess through a cave by candlelight into the next world. This is the between state.

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Author David C , Gnostic instructor.

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