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Manly Palmer Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages

I am Isis, mistress of the whole land: I was instructed by Hermes [#Thoth], and with Hermes, I invented the writings of the nations, in order that not all should write with the same letters. I gave mankind their laws and ordained what no one can alter. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos. I am the wife and sister of King Osiris. I am she who rises in the dog star. I am she who is called the GODDESS of women. I am she who separated the heaven form the earth. I have pointed out their paths to the stars. I have invented a seamanship. I have brought together men and women. I have ordained that the elders shall be loved by the children. With my brother Osiris, I made an end of cannibalism. I have instructed mankind in the mysteries. I have taught reverence of the divine statues. I have established the temple precincts. I have overthrown the dominion of the tyrants. I have caused men to love a woman. I have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused “truth” to be considered beautiful.

The face and form of Isis were covered with a veil of scarlet cloth, symbolic of “ignorance”, and emotionalism, which forever stands between man and “truth.” Isis lifts her veil and discovers herself to the true, and wise, “investigator who Unselfishly, Humbly, and Earnestly, “seeks to understand” the mysteries which surround him in the universe. Those to whom she reveals herself are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries which they have seen. The great admonition of the Wise Men was: “If you know it, be silent.” To the VULGAR and PROFANE, the Infidel and Disinterested one, she does not uncover her face, for they could not understand the secret processes of the invisible worlds.

~ Manly Palmer Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages

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