Questions and answers continued

Q. How does modern gnosis differ from ancient 1st century gnosis?

A. It doesnt differ, it’s the same. Oneness (gnosis) means one not two or three. Where there is one there cannot be another. Nous means discernment of the eternal from the mortal. In the words of the great Hermes, what belongs to God belongs to God, what belongs to the cosmos , belongs to the cosmos.

Q. What about the Angel’s and heavenly palaces?

A. The Monad is beyond dualistic understanding. The Angel’s and palaces belong to the dualistic cosmos.

Q. There are many non dualistic groups around , why is this different?

A. The teachings here are Non I non duality. All of the other groups teach the divine ego or god can be seen. All of the other group use a ego centric view without taking the 3 worlds as a guide or taking the truth of the Monad as a supreme reality.

Q. I think I’m a divine being or a prophet.

A. If you think this then you are very far from the gnosis. You see we are part of the universe which is not divine. The ego , ego centric view, holds us in delusion without any end. There is something sleeping within us. This sleeping lion is the enlightenment itself. The ego is moving reference point which is never an unending point in reality. This is why it is wrong to say we are an ongoing point above reality. This sleeping lion knows itself and realises itself. This is the mission and purpose of the Gnostic ancient and modern, to awaken the sleeping giant hidden by duality.

(Updated 09/06).

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