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Nous path of discernment

Nous – path of discernment

Know the first

Know the second

Then you will know the third

The first is the waking world , our world of spacetime (4 dimensions). The world around you is the material universe.

The second is the dreaming astral world, place of palaces, spirits. This is the place of the heavens and hells, the cosmos within.

The third is the Ein sof (never ending being ness). This is the totality of all, without any concepts. This is dreamless sleep. The Brahman of ancient eternal dharma. One phase away from dreaming.

To know your awareness beyond the barrier of deep dreaming is to know your true self. If you look deep enough you will find your true self, the unending father.

If you haven’t realised it yet, the tree of life (kabbalah) is based on these 3 worlds. The 3 worlds are the original map.

Know your self.

Steps to Gnosis

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