A non dual (or mitagated dualism) Gnostic Catechism. This could also be a quick fact sheet of Gnostic beliefs.

1 – There is one God who is eternal
2 – The entire universe is a dualistic mind containing trillions of minds
3 – There is three worlds, physical, astral and divine. The third world being the eternal God itself
4 – The planets each have a seperate mind
5 – The universe is inside of you and manifests outward when we wake from sleep
6 – The physical and astral worlds are this universal mind called the Demiurge.
7 – The universe hides the God from us with diversity, the essence of God remains called the Ousia in Gnosis.
8 – When we examine our own personal awareness of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep, we can realise the Nous of what is God and what is not.
9 – Gnosis means oneness is the essential truth of all religions world wide.
10 – We can realise the universe within by utilising the dormant spiritual power within us.
11 – The demiurge or universe has been called Sophia (positive) by the ancient Gnostics.
12 – The eternal God (monad) contains everything in the universe.
13 – The dormant spiritual power in ancient Egypt was called Uraeus (when dormant it was called Mehmet and when awake Iaret. In India it is Kundalini.



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