Hi Im David, from Belfast Northern Ireland, and I am the only Gnostic instructor here. As this knowledge was revealed to me , I am passing it on to you. I have currently written a commentary to the English version of the gospel of Mary and have written a few lessons on 2nd century classic Gnosis. I can guide you in the meaning of the sayings and how they fit in the Gnostic worlds system. If you feel a calling to this path, message me at the contact tab. Are you stuck or just confused ? Ask me any questions and i will answer as best i can but it will be in context of non I non duality. 


Qualifications : Third level crown chakra activated. Initiated into the secrets of Kundalini , tantra and the ancient path of Brahman Jhana (hidden since the 8th century).

Gnostic instructor (Moallem)

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