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Everything that moves is an illusion… an illusion of what it is when not moving.
The universe is a mass of inter-acting movements where all is possible because everything is illusion.
Nonetheless, we insist we are real because we are beset by a presence that keeps us from admitting the obvious.

Something important:
The quantum is an eternally recurring movement discovered and measured by Max Planck in 1917. Planck was honored but classical science had no place for such information and slowly, over time, it was shelved.
More than 100 years later this cathartic information remains anathema.

Eternal re-occurrence:
The same movement (quantum) repeats, producing more and more illusions that continue fermenting until reality dawns: this secondary expansion is the universe.
Again, the ‘same’ eternal movement is all; each repeat the beginning of time and unaffected by frequency – unaffected by the universe. The movement, as it must, is preceded by a silent/still resistance that maintains its own agenda by being everywhere at once.

Everything in this Universe is comprised of the same electron (movement) existing in different time, at the same time. – John Wheeler and Richard Feynman.

Resistance precedes movement, no one doubts this yet it is not considered within Planck’s context because it demands recognition of obvious truths that that will turn everything upside down. Meanwhile, quantum physics has been reduced to tangential forms that can never come full-circle.
“The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” – Erwin Schrodinger.

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