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There are many books on lucid dreaming and kundalini. None at all on kundalini activation. We dream a lot and most people are unaware of what is happening in dreaming. Its not just we are imagining things, there is something going on. It takes many years of practice to see it. The best i can do is reveal it.
So how do we become aware in dreaming? Here is a visualisation, a key to expanding awareness.

When you are feeling sleepy. Imagine you are in a English village, a lovely scenic town. Visualise the cottages and trees. There is a bridge to your left. Also there is a summer mist covering the town. Walk over the bridge and stand in the middle, look out.
The mist starts to clear and in the distance you see the outline of a Greek temple. The more the mist clears, you see the statue of a god on top of temple. Remain there for as long as you can.

Have fun with this vision. This is how the mind clears in dreaming.


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