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Q1 Gnosis is an experience that cannot be known

A. Gnosis is a realisation and not an experience. Gnosis is to realise the eternal and know the difference between spirit (god) and matter. It is beyond subject and object. Therefore cannot ever been known. Gnosis is Brahman Jhana. Any experience we have will include the body as a basis. God is not limited to the human body.

Q2 Gnosis is an experience, why do we need to get it from someone else.

A. Gnosis is a realisation and not a experience. You need to get guidance from someone who knows the key to access the objectless. Without this key you will be stuck in the limits of objective reality.

Q3 a person who says he has all answers is not telling the truth.

A. Gnosis does not give all the answers , instead it reveals the oneness of everything. If you use your own yard stick how will you reach that which cannot be known?

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