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Are we better than others?

Some people think they are better than others when it comes to spirituality. Ok so we have been practicing a long time but have we grown? The purpose of performing a daily spiritual practice is to purify our limited understanding. How can we know what is above us unless we have seen it? The way to know what is above us is to practice, practice, practice and not to give up. How can we know for sure we are better than others? How can we judge another person. Let me reveal some insights I have. Beyond this world, the astral world is full of higher than us beings , called Devas in Hinduism or Archons in Gnosis. They manage and control the functioning of the cosmos. They are not what you might expect. We all think higher beings can benefit us and guide us. In reality these beings are apart from their lofty roles are actually similar to us. We have jealousy, anger and love. Also these beings have these qualities too. In Buddhism, the Buddha calls the Devas, Devas of the wheel, wheel of Samsara. In my insight (Kundalini wisdom), I have seen high beings act just like us at times, controlling, arrogant and jealous. So who really is better?

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