Yoga concepts

Do not be deceived by yoga concepts or religious concepts. The ego naturally dissolves by itself, there is no need to remove or destroy it. Trying to

Sophia – Prime spirit

Sophia the prime spirit, universe mind In the beginning were Darkness, Chaos, and Water (skotos, kai bythos, kai hydōr), but the Spirit indwelling in the midst

Astral world

Gnostic concepts Hepodomad

Gnostic concepts Hepodomad - 7 planetary spheres (worlds) In many of the gnostic texts the Hepodomad is mentioned. These are seven planetary spheres , Saturn,


Unity of God

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Sufi metaphysical concepts of oneness and diversity Major ideas in Sufi metaphysics have surrounded the concept of Wahdat or "Unity with God". Two main Sufi

Nur , Light of God

The word Nur is Arabic for light, in one sense it can mean that God illuminates the world with understanding. The scholar Abu Bakr ibn