Kundalini – rainbow serpent

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Kundalini is the engine of the demiurge, a rainbow serpent of dualistic wisdom. The ancients talk of the plumed serpent. This is the snake that

Truth of Gnosis ancient and modern

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Q - What is the truth of ancient and modern gnosis? A. Everything comes from the two great beings then these two beings dissolve into the

Astral world

Gospel of Mary soul journey

13) Again it came to the third power, which is called ignorance. 14) The power questioned the soul, saying, Where are you going? In wickedness are


Unity of being

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Unity of being (sufi metaphysics) Everything is contained in the Ein Sof (sphere of God). You, your body and world are contained in this ultimate- ness. Everything

Unity of God

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Sufi metaphysical concepts of oneness and diversity Major ideas in Sufi metaphysics have surrounded the concept of Wahdat or "Unity with God". Two main Sufi